Haven't filed your tax returns?

Think your going to be prosecuted?

Think again.

The voluntary disclosure program was designed for you and allows taxpayers to come forward and come clean with Canada Revenue Agency without the fear of prosecution or penalty. You may have been intimidated with recent advertisements that raise the level of fear and uncertainty but note that this program was designed by Canada Revenue Agency and is meant to encourage reporting and compliance with the tax act, not discourage taxpayers from coming forward.


Call Len Goldberg @416 665 5772 x 1 and see if you qualify or e-mail me at len@lengoldberg.com

Canada Revenue Agency Wants You!


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Lawyer or Accountant?

Lawyer's offer privilege -"Solicitor‐client privilege is a person� right to refuse to disclose, and to prevent any other person from disclosing, confidential  communications made with the person's lawyer for the purpose of furnishing or obtaining professional legal advice or assistance."

This is valuable when criminal proceedings are involved. Not filing a tax return does not always fit in that category of criminal activity that would benefit from privilege. Why pay for something extra you don't need?

Lawyers employ accountants to prepare tax returns. You can, too. Call or write and let's see what can be done to help solve your tax dilemma.

Do you Qualify?

Four condtions required for Voluntary Disclosure:

  1. it must be voluntary
  2. must involve possible penalty
  3. must be over a year overdue
  4. disclosure must be complete

Read the small print on Canada Revenue Agency's page devoted to Voluntary Disclosure - click here

How I Can Help

I am a practicing Chartered Accountant with many years of client-service experience in the greater metropolitan Toronto area. I combine a unique blend of big-firm background with individual attention to entrepreneurial demands to provide innovative solutions to tax, financing and information technology issues in a highly personalized environment.

Benefits of Voluntary Disclosure

  • Chances are, if you can't prove your income with a Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency, you will be hard pressed to get a loan.
  • If you don't have contributions to Canada Pension Plan - you will have nothing to collect later on
  • If you don't report earnings, you have no ability to contribute to an Registered Retirement Savings Plan
  • If you get tagged by CRA, penalties can be large and compounded interest adds up

Time is running out. If Canada Revenue Agency gets to you before you apply for voluntary disclosure, the opportunity to save penalty and  interest, is lost!